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The semiconductor industry has entered a new era and the role of design including the package has become increasingly important. No longer can the industry count on monolithic integration to achieve the economic gains of the previous era. New packaging solutions are being adopted to achieve the economic advantages that were previously met with silicon scaling. The role of heterogeneous integration, especially chiplets, is pivotal in this new era. In fact, TSMC indicates that the use of chiplets will be one of the most important developments for the next 10 to 20 years.  All of these applications utilize Noel’s novel film applications, processing and specialty approaches to create new emerging devices. Noel is a US based fabrication facility.


Lab on a Chip “LOC” : Noel Technologies partners with many bio companies & labs to produce novel products that utilize semiconductor processing and technology to produce labs on a chip.  Labs on a chip can duplicate the specialized functions of their room-sized counterparts, such as clinical diagnostics, DNA scanning, and electrophoretic separation. The advantages of these labs on a chip include dramatically reduced sample size, much shorter reaction and analysis time, high throughput, automation, and portability. Sequencing special materials for diseases, viruses, autoimmune, DNA can significantly shorten the time to diagnose a disease. Applications utilize Noel thin films, lithography and etches to manufacture these unique devices.


Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems : MEMS technology is an important and integral part of many new and innovating applications that are used as sensors, microfluidics, accelerometers, the list is endless.  All used in Life Sciences and Semiconductor applications. 

The key microfluidic functions required in various MEMS devices include pumping, mixing, thermal cycling, dispensing, and separating. Most of these processes are electrokinetic processes. Noel offers a full wafer fabrication facility, using semiconductor processing for novel applications such that enable semiconductor processing and approaches to enable many applications.  Noel is a US based facility, semiconductor processes wafer fabrication, one of the few wafer fabrication facilities to expand in the US.  Noel’s dielectric thin films, thin film metals, lithography and etches are critical building blocks to MEMS devices.

Noel Technologies

At A Glance

Silicon Valley foundry delivers process development optimization solutions for fabless semiconductor companies and OEMs.

Provides advanced lithography services include engineering support for reticle layout, process development to assure design success

Tier 1 customer relationships establ.ished over 30 years, including Apple, IBM, Intel, ONTO, AMAT, LAM, KLA, VLSI (The standards group) tackling unique, highly differentiated, highly specialized projects.

Single & Multi-Layer Processing

  • Dielectrics
  • Thin Film PVD Metals
  • Photo Resist
  • Lithography

Setting Wafer Standards

  • Establish metrology & Inspection standards
  • Industry proven for decades with SEMI equipment specification standards

Sensors, MEMS, Photonics

  • Power electronics support EV, automotive growth
  • Sensors uses in automotive, health care and industrial sectors
  • MEMS (Micro electro- mechanical structures used in health care, bio science and industrial
  • Photonics electro optical modulators used in automotive, data centers, and acoustic applications

Process Capabilities

Specialized Foundry Design and Development Services Drive Innovation in Life Sciences, MEMS and Semiconductors

Lithography Services

100mm, 150mm, 200mm & 300mm Silicon, Glass or other materials. Soda Lime or Quartz Masks Available…

Photo Resist

Noel’s broad range of blanket coatings & Lithography resist options are available for specific application requirements…

Thermal Oxide

Noel’s oxidation process has been developed over decades of experience and production expertise to configure …

LPCVD Nitride

LPCVD are important films, deposited on both sides of the substrate, provide excellent conformal coating…


PECVD are useful Low Temperature dielectrics that offer many applications ability to isolate metal layers…

PVD Metals

2 MRC Systems that provide 300mmand smaller diameter deposition of Titanium, Titanium Nitride, Chrome and…

Plasma Etch

Noel offers Dielectric & Silicon Plasma Etch on 300mm, 200mm, 150mm & 100mm substrate sizes…

Wet Etch

Noel offers a broad range of wet etch capability for 300mm and smaller diameters…

Lift Off

“Lift-Off” processing for films that cannot be plasma etched due to either un-available dry chemistries…


A standard set of wafer cleaning steps performed before high-temperature processing steps…

Wafer Reclaim

Noel Technologies, Inc. offers full wafer recovery: extending the life of wafers and offering a cost-effective solution to…

Engineering Services

The typical way Noel begins the process to manufacture your product based on your own unique process…

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